Amplify Your Branding & Awareness Campaigns in New Ways with Display & Video 360

Contributor, August 23, 2020

New Ways to Publish Your Campaigns to More Users and to Acquire New Users with DV360

Today the primary goal in branding campaigns is to reach as many users as possible with the most relevant targeting. When it comes to the subject and the purpose, the DV360 will contribute to you in the most effective way to use the numerous pool of users in its inventory and to raise awareness. With hundreds of Exchange and Sub-Exchange, it is possible to reach millions of users and billions of impressions with a single publication.

But of course, since the important thing in your awareness campaigns is to reach not only many users but also relevant users, it is necessary to use user-targeted filtering from numerous user pools. In this article, we will tell you how you can increase your reach in your branding and awareness campaigns, as well as practical and fast ways to make the users you reach more relevant, and reduce the costs of your campaign. Let’s get started!

The Effective Strategy for Creating your Branding Campaigns

If you are going to carry out a campaign of your brand to show more and more relevant users in a way that will create maximum awareness, you must first choose some options at all levels for the branding campaigns; For example: Campaign:

  •  At this level, the “Overall campaign Goal” option must be “Raise awareness of my brand or product.”
  •  Your Campaign KPI must be CPM or CPV.
  • You should set your targeting at lower levels, not at this level.

Insertion Order

  • Your pacing should be Ahead or Even, don’t be rush, give the system some time.
  • Don’t keep your Focus Goal (should be CPM or CPC) too low, raise it. In the campaign flow, the system will reduce your actual cost itself. If you keep it low from the beginning, you won’t be allowing enough volume for the system. You can lower this part and update it in your future optimizations.
  • “Billable Outcome” must be based on impression. In OBB, click-based programmatic purchasing strategy is particularly useful for performance campaigns, not branding.
  • Your Optimization option must remain selected as a lower level, which is LI level.
  • If you are going to specify a Frequency Cap, make sure to do it at LI level.
  • Set only the general segments of your targeting at this level: Geo, Demography, Environment. Make more detailed targeting at LI level again.

Line Item

  • Set your targeting in relevant segments. For example, do not use Audience targeting and Category targeting in the same Line Item, this will both reduce your reach and increase your cost. If you have two major target goals like in this example, consider it in a second Line Item.
  • Don’t be afraid to create Line Items more than once. This strategy increases the volume of your goal of acquiring relevant users from different lanes and gives you an A – B test in the goal and result process, helping you optimize your budget during the campaign and realize a more effective branding awareness publication.
  • Make sure to specify the Budget and Pacing lines at this level. Make sure to specify the Budget and Pacing lines at this level. Do this even if you have only one LI, it increases the focus of that LI. And never use pacing ASAP, as we mentioned above, you should have a little more patience and allow the system.
  • If your Bid Strategy is to click more ads and bring more users to your website and gain new users, you should choose the Maximize Click option in the Automated Bidding option. If displaying more of your ad is an essential goal for directing the user, you can select the Maximize Viewable Impression option.
  • You can use Fix Bid to make purchases on a certain bidding in your new campaigns in the first days, but if you have enough campaign date, you can start directly by using the options specified in the previous line.

How should you be targeting?

As we have mentioned, having the roofs of your targeting, i.e., Demographic or Geographic targeting at the IO level (of course, you can do this directly at the LI level), and your detailed targeting at LI level will provide more practical use. Well, what are the detailed targeting we recommend to use in your branding campaigns to reach more relevant users.

  Audience targeting:  DV360 allows you to both collect and target your first-party audience data, enable you to use Google Audience lists, and help you access 3rd Party Data of DMP companies. However, the part that we recommend to use in branding campaigns will allow you to reach the most relevant users on this occasion is the Google Affinity and In-Market Audience lists. It is possible to get access without increasing your costs by targeting Google Audience with the target audience suitable for your brand.

Category targeting:  In the Category targeting option, you can make Category targeting according to the target audience suitable for your brand, just like Audience targeting, to target the categories in the websites and apps where potential users are located in the inventory. However, we do not recommend Audience targeting in branding publications with this targeting option. For this, create a second LI and target separately.

Keyword targeting: With the keywords you will select for your campaign, you can find users on the pages related to these words and display your branding banners. However, the important thing here is that the keywords mentioned are not detailed in Google Ads, but with more main words, it will give more effective results in terms of volume in your awareness publications. You can also achieve this by excluding keywords that you don’t want to be displayed.  

Viewability targeting: If your goal is to get new users due to clicks, we do not recommend using viewability targeting. But if your goal is to provide more impressions and get more views, you can use it.  

Apps & Urls: You can choose from a quality list of publisher sites, including estimated reach and cost for each. For this reason, we recommend Apps & Urls targeting in your branding publications. The important thing is to have enough volume. So don’t be afraid to keep your list rich.  

Which LI options are more suitable for branding:

Of course, the Display and Video inventory limit of the DV360 platform cannot be discussed. You can use Display or Video flight options in your branding campaigns.   Also, do not miss the Trueview type. If your campaign also has Youtube material, you can use In-stream and Discovery Youtube flight type in Trueview campaigns as well as Display and Video flights. To catching millions of Youtube users with your branding and awareness campaigns will be invaluable.

Which Creative You Use Also Important:

The creative design and language, which should be considered in every campaign, are also critical in branding campaigns, but another important thing is creative dimensions. If you have enough creative dimensions, your reach volume will increase. Therefore, the number of creatives you add to your LI is significant. Less creative means less bulk, and less volume means lower access and proportionally higher costs. If you do not know or decide which visual dimensions to use, you can consult us.

As a Result, Your Costs Should Decrease:

The term of Machine Learning is a concept that summarizes the system to introduce your brand and your campaigns, what kind of user profile should be accessed in this regard, and what performance should be achieved. This term, of course, serves as the engine of performance campaigns. However, in your branding and awareness campaigns, Machine Learning is a significant element that is very important for the user profile you access and the cost you will get.

Allow time for the system; In at least 1 to 2 weeks, the system will analyze the user profile you want to reach, so we need to emphasize again that you need to be patient about this issue. The efficiency you get from less time campaign will be misleading and will not meet your expectations. This will mean that you cannot get efficiency from DV360. If you give enough time to the system, you will see that your costs will decrease day by day with the appropriate volume, but you will reach many users. In some sample campaigns on this subject, if the impression obtained from the average budget of 1K TL you spend in the first week of a 1-month campaign is 950K, and the click is 750.

Therefore your CPM cost is 1 TL, and your CPC cost is 1.30 TL; it is possible to see a severe change in these numbers after the second week. After the second week, even if your spending increases to 2K TL in total, the impression you get will increase to 3.500K. The click will expand to around 4K, your costs will drop by 100% in an instant (the figures are exemplary figures within the subject, processes work in this way in all good branding campaigns). The important thing in your branding and awareness campaigns is that your ads reach the user as much as possible and direct them to the relevant campaign pages.

For this reason, as long as you pay attention to the details mentioned above, you will always get the performance you want from the DV360 platform, where you can get the highest efficiency in terms of branding and awareness. You will be satisfied with the results. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Tuğhan Kartal