You’re Right To Be Skeptical.

Contributor, January 12, 2020

We’re tired of hearing about empty promises made to publishers about revenue.We’re not going to name names. You probably already know whom we’re talking about. You’ve received the pitches offering X to achieve Y growth. Cards on the table. This is not one of those emails. We’re not one of those companies.
 We don’t want to waste your time. We know firsthand that many variables lead to success. Every solution reacts differently under varying circumstances for every publisher. We can’t make any promises about growth. Nor do we want to.
 We Can Offer You Products, Solutions & Services. Full Stop. Google Ad Manager 360 (We’re a certified reseller)Premium Display Monetization via AdX (Premium monetization stack)Video Monetization (Elite SSPs) Content Recommendation Consulting Services
 We do it all and we do it well. We will do everything to put you in the best situation to succeed. If we have something that you’re seeking, fill out the form below and let’s have a discussion together in the near future.