Why Partnering with a Google Certified Publisher Partner (GCPP) is a Game-Changer for Publishers?

Itai Peretz, July 1, 2024

In today’s digital landscape, being a publisher comes with many challenges. These range from creating professional content and building a dedicated readership audience to navigating the complexities of digital advertising. The business goals are clear: Publishers strive to grow their KPIs, expand and diversify their income channels, and enhance website revenue. However, achieving these objectives in the dynamic and fast-paced world of digital advertising can be daunting, especially when there is a lot to take care of in order to monetize your website effectively for the long term.

Some publishers choose to handle their programmatic advertising in-house for a variety of reasons, such as data control and compliance, and some choose to work with companies that digital advertising is their core business and expertise.

This is a critical decision point: Should publishers manage all aspects in-house, or is there a benefit in partnering with a Google Certified Publisher Partner (GCPP), and what are the benefits of partnering with a GCPP who is also a GAM360 reseller (Platform Partner)?

Let’s dive into the Benefits of Working with a GCPP

Why Partnering with a Google Certified Publisher Partner (GCPP) is a Game-Changer for Publishers?
  • Expertise and Deep Platform Knowledge

A GCPP is not just any partner. These entities are distinguished by their profound knowledge of Google’s platforms and products, achieved through rigorous training and access to comprehensive resources. This includes the latest features and beta releases from Google, ensuring that they are always at the forefront of digital advertising innovations. Their expertise allows for the creation of tailored solutions that significantly enhance a publisher’s digital strategy and revenue potential.

  • Maximizing & Optimizing Your Every $

Partnering with a GCPP and GAM360 Reseller means engaging with a company that has deep insights and experience with revenue management. These partners do more than just share their expertise; they provide the infrastructure and foundation necessary for publishers to build and refine their business and digital strategies for long term growth. This collaboration offers publishers unparalleled control over their digital assets, delivering solutions that are not only effective but also competitively priced.

  • Long-term Strategic Ownership

A notable advantage of working with a Google-certified reseller is the strategic ownership it grants publishers. Unlike temporary plug-and-play solutions, a partnership with a reseller like Oraki translates into receiving AM360 as a long-term investment, and with an extensive publisher-monetization experience. This foundational support is crucial for publishers looking to build and scale their business sustainably.

At Oraki, we have been able to walk along the path to growth with a number of publishers who started under our MCM account, providing a complete publisher revenue management services, demonstrating our 20 years of experience and the benefits of working with a GCPP, which eventually led the business to upgrade to GAM360 through us to support their continuous growth.

  • We Got Your Back!

Oraki exemplifies the benefits of working with a Google-certified reseller, recognized by Google for its expertise in revenue management solutions. This accreditation is a testament to the high-quality service and support clients can expect, backed by the most rigorous training and certification processes. As a certified reseller, Oraki has exclusive access to support and resources from Google, including dedicated support teams, training resources, and beta features. This positions Oraki to provide unparalleled assistance and guidance, helping publishers maximise their revenue management strategies effectively.


Choosing to partner with a GCPP, particularly one that is also a GAM360 reseller, represents a strategic move for publishers aiming to elevate their digital presence and revenue. The expertise, resources, and strategic ownership offered by such partnerships are invaluable, providing a competitive edge in the rapidly evolving digital landscape. By opting for a partner like Oraki, publishers can be assured of receiving top-tier support and access to all relevant solutions which pave the way for sustained growth and success.

In an era where digital strategy and revenue management are paramount to a publisher’s success, the decision to work with a Google Certified Publisher Partner is more than just a tactical choice—it’s a strategic investment in long-term growth and competitive advantage.

Contact us if you would like to learn more about Oraki’s offerings as a GCPP and GAM360 reseller. We will provide you with all the information you require to make your website a success.