Want to Increase Your Ad Revenue? Here’s What to Do.

Contributor, January 8, 2020

Hello, thanks for stopping by our website. We’re Oraki ( Formerly known as Total media s0lutions) . It’s nice to meet you. Here at Oraki, we specialize in providing the programmatic tools and solutions companies need to succeed with their online advertising. We’re 1 of only 9 companies qualified by Google as both a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) and Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner for providing the highest level of professional support and technical services. For publishers, we’re trusted by Google to be experts in their sell-side products (Google Ad Manager 360) and experienced providing innovative solutions and services for maximizing revenue. As your publishing partner, we promise to deliver to you the following:

  • More revenue earned from every pixel.
  • Professional expertise to improve your ROI and optimize your website.
  • More time for you to focus your efforts on your website.

    95% of Publishers say their Google Certified Publishing Partner is important to their business success.

We’ll increase your ROI from every impression:

  • Full-service ad operations, implementations, and testing.
  • Mobile, Web, App, UX, and Responsive Design Development.
  • Content moderation tools.
  • Platform and monetization solutions for video.
  • Customization of Ads.
  • Full Services on mobile app monetization, user acquisition, and user re-engagement.
  • Digital content set-up and optimization

Whether you require app design or ad optimization, we will provide you with the insights, services, and technology to help you make more informed decisions and attract the most profitable and relevant advertising to strengthen your bottom line. Solutions you need to achieve the results you desire. Fill out the form below to get the conversation started with us.