The Best SSP for Publishers

Contributor, February 13, 2018

The Best SSP for Publishers

February is an excellent time to begin asking whether the SSPs connected to your ad units have the potential to earn you the maximum yield for every impression you serve. Collectively we can point to dozens of name brand SSPs that provide sufficient monetization and fill rates for publishers.

Our experience working with publishers worldwide tells us that Q4 traditionally features larger budgets and more activity in comparison to Q1, a  typically calmer quarter yielding less revenue and advertiser campaigns. Q2 is approaching and with it comes new monetization opportunities.

The use of the word working relates less to how much revenue you earned from your ad units in Q1 but instead serves as a means for evaluating the fill rates and eCPM performance of each of your ad units. This concept also relates to your critical evaluation of the quality of ads, response rates, and service provided by the platform(s).

But let’s talk about what’s really important in which SSP will perform the best for you and make you the most revenue for every impression! if your website has more than 5M monthly visitors and you’re not earning significant income, you should be ready to make the necessary changes

We have spent the past year researching the best programmatic supply source providers (SSPs), analyzing countless ads arriving from various sources, and interviewing our clients regarding their revenue performance.

One thing that remained clear throughout DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) is the best SSP for achieving superior monetization results for your website in 2018.

AdX is the World’s Best SSP for Publishers in 2018

This year we made DoubleClick Ad Exchange (AdX) our top choice for SSP. Owned and operated by Google, AdX outperforms the competition by connecting publishers into the world’s largest exchange of global inventory.  AdX is Google’s exclusive programmatic platform featuring Real-Time Bidding (RTB) technology for premium websites to be paired with premium advertisers.

AdX pairs buyers and sellers across the industry and works with premium publishers and advertisers in the world’s largest real-time programmatic RTB bidding exchange. The AdX marketplace is connected to ad networks, agencies, and third-party demand-side platforms and powered by advertiser demand, conducted via live auction for the ad units.

If you have more than 5M visitors visiting your website per month, then you should strongly consider switching over to AdX. Publishers featuring ad units monetized by AdX expose themselves to the world’s most premium advertisers who are eager to spend significant advertising budgets on widely trafficked sites. Just this difference alone between membership in AdX equates to a substantial financial gain for the publisher who qualifies and begins using AdX.

AdX comes with AdWords buyers baked in which brings together the best of both of these worlds into one package. As a result, your website’s premium demand is amplified by the continued competitive presence of AdWords demand in the connected ad units.

Also, AdX reaches its full potential when it is enabled to compete with other networks via Google’s ad serving platform – DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). By utilizing DFP (either Small Business or Premium), publishers can rotate between ad networks for their ad units, also, to directly selling ad space to advertisers, while always striving for 100% fill rates through the real-time competition since added competition for ad units drives the CPMs higher.

AdX vs. AdSense – Which one is right for you?

With a multitude of demand sources in competition for more of your website’s ad units, more bidders are involved for more ad units and the stridently pushing higher the price of the winning bids for your ad units. In the end, there’s no comparison; publishers make significantly more money by having AdX paired with DFP on their website.

Ultimately, if you’re a publisher who is aiming to maximize your advertising revenue and your website has over 5M visitors per month, then graduating to AdX should be your goal.

  • Sell your ad space to the highest-paying buyers in real-time
  • Increase revenues from premium and remnant inventory
  • Detailed reports on all of your inventory
  • Industry-leading response times
  • Realize higher margins
  • Unmatched brand safety for publishers (and advertisers)

If you would like to join AdX and potentially make more money from your traffic, we can assist your website to maximize its potential with DoubleClick AdX.  Contact us today to get started!