The Alphabet Starts with AdX: Case Studies

Contributor, August 12, 2015

Ad Exchange (AdX) is Google’s programmatic platform available to publishers with premium inventory.  AdX is world’s largest real-time bidding platform (RTB) which provides large publishers access to eager big-brand advertisers and programmatic buyers whom are seeking the ability to reach specific demographics and verticals worldwide.

DoubleClick AdX functions as an open marketplace for publishers to make their inventory available globally and many of AdX’s key elements are becoming essential for publishers seeking to optimally monetize their websites.

Case Study: Telegraph Media Group UK

What You Should Know about AdX:

  • AdX differs from AdSense by allowing for publishers to integrate 5 AdX ad units per page rather than 3 with AdSense
  • Offers the ability to set minimum floor pricing for ad units in CPMs
  • Provides more advanced tools of targeting and allow control of who is able to buy your inventory
  • Connects inventory to global demand side platforms with premium and brand advertisers
  • Offers rules based inventory management which includes the power to block specific URLs and advertiser verticals/categories from advertising
  • Fully synced integration with Google DoubleClick for Publishers with dynamic allocation
  • AdX’s preferred deals and private Auctions enables publishers to easily segment and package inventory for purchase by a select group of premium/direct advertisers

Case Study: Conde Nast

Prestigious brands are steadily adapting AdX as one of their main outlets for serving their premium ad units.

Publishers are motivated to use DFP with their AdX accounts because the platform allows for publishers to significantly increase their ROI with the dynamic allocation available between ADX and DFP. Additionally, successful publishers will add all of their ad serving platforms into DFP in order to create competition against each bid in for yielding the highest CPM bid per ad unit.

So, is your site ready for AdX? It depends. Does your site receive traffic in the millions of impressions per month? If so, AdX may be right for you for maximizing your earnings over a traditional AdSense set-up alone.

If you are considering taking on DoubleClick DFP or DoubleClick AdX onto your website, our trained experts at Oraki are available to consult with your team in order to build the most optimal mix of programmatic optimization and monetization for your website’s ad units to increase your monthly revenue earned from web traffic.