Publisher: When should you shift from Google AdSense to Google AdExchange?

Contributor, July 3, 2014

Publisher: When should you shift from Google AdSense to Google AdExchange?

Shifting gears from Google AdSense to AdX has proven to drive revenues, in many cases, up at least 30%. 

So, when is the right moment to enter this golden revenue stream?
How can you reap the most revenues from AdX?

As a publisher your website revenue stream and its monetization is the lifeline for a thriving online business. If you risk neglecting your monetization options, at best you could be witnessing a decline in revenue, at worse, potential extinction. So what can you do to stay ahead of the game?

To drive traffic to your site you are probably posting premium content and nurturing your SEO. You may have even won some attractive advertising accounts. If you have already taken these measures, the time could be ripe to leap in and monetize your traffic.  

To date, when many publishers turned to monetizing ad traffic, the default route was to applyGoogle AdSense ad tags and let Google’s algorithms work their magic. It seems simple; just set your ads on cruise control and voila, go back to your daily routine.

AdSense is Google’s non-premium demand option that offers a lot of flexibility with ad sizes. AdSense serves 100% fill rates, with almost unlimited demand. It offers fast and reliable payment in most regions and the security of working with the titan of all times – Google.

As your traffic grows, it could be time for you to step up your revenue options and begin to work with Google AdX.

When upgrading to AdX, the results can be highly rewarding. Here’s why:

Ad Exchange (AdX) is Google’s programmatic platform featuring Real Time Bidding (RTB) technology. It pairs buyers and sellers across the industry and works with premium as well as small publishers, and advertisers. Publishers are exposed to premium budgets that you probably wouldn’t have come across on AdSense. And here are more reasons:

  • Premium advertisers will seek out your ad space for preferred deals
  • With the right monetization expertise, AdX enables you to successfully set up the equivalent of open auctions for your ad inventory and set the sales rate
  • Publishers on AdX cancontrol whether your inventory will be sold as branded or anonymous
  • Publishers can decide who can and cannot bid on their ad inventory
  • AdX provides control over cookies and advertisers’ ability to re-target ads
  • With Adx youcan protect your relationships with direct premium customers and prevent cannibalization

These features, managed by experts skilled at Google digital advertising platforms can often add at least 30% more revenue!

AdX reaches its full potential when enabling it to compete with other networks, on Google’s ad serving platform – DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP). With DFP publishers can mix-and-match ad networks and directly sold ads, so they can all compete against each other under one umbrella.

On AdX, as AdSense, ad impressions are auctioned in real time to bidders. The more bidders involved, the higher the demand, and the higher the price of the winning bids.  That means the price of your CPM’s rises and you could potentially make more revenues, in seconds. According to many users, you get superior CPMs on AdX.

Publishers can sign up for DFP for free, and it’s hosted in the cloud. But like any platform, learning the full potential of AdX and DFP take time. DFP implementation can be complex or time-consuming without the right skillset.

Ultimately, it’s hard to maximize revenue without adding more expertise and control. Moving through the monetization morass can be maddening without the right partner.

“With the right monetization plan, Google AdX opens you to a whole new source of revenues. It exposes you to the premium deals, once you take advantage of its bidding options,” Adi Engel, Director, Professional services and products, Oraki Group.

Oraki created a smart monetization solution that optimizes every ad impression and delivers a much bigger revenue stream, at zero risk. Being a long term Google partner, and biggest DoubleClick by Google reseller in EMEA, the monetization team identifies and leverages new revenue stream opportunities across the entire Google DFP platform.

A multi-lingual, multi-skilled team is supported by an in-house Business intelligence solution that comes with a management and reports dashboard. Built-in alerts enable the team to swoop in immediately into trouble spots and regain revenue or increase profits. To learn more about maximizing advertising revenue potential, contact us.