Private ad auctions & preferred deals for publishers now at Oraki Group

Contributor, August 28, 2014

Some of Oraki’s publishers are already benefiting from full programmatic choices

Publisher; have you been wondering if private auctions or preferred deals are a good fit for you? For the advertisers, and brands there’s no question; having an early peek at your premium inventory is worth paying the higher rate.

But will you be able to net more revenue increases? The answer is clearly YES!

Today there’s a full range of advertising inventory tools designed to help you easily monetize your inventory. Finally with Oraki you have access to open auctions, private auctions and preferred deals.

Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange made it possible for you, the publisher to easily sell all direct and in-direct advertising inventory without hurting your direct sales. We simply outlined the choices below to help you understand how come savvy publishers are already increasing their revenue making opportunities with these new programmatic choices.

Open auctions: Believe it or not, today open auctions represent traditional RTB buying. These virtual centers attract massive demand from thousands of advertisers. AdX’s open auction sales have been growing at a manic pace, partly because the prices set by publishers are known upfront. The winner always pays the second price without any tampering or dynamic changes.

Private auctions: Private auctions work fantastically for strongly branded publishers with premium content that is recognized by buyers. Publishers can determine the number of buyers and can easily add buyers, and arrange separate prices for each one. Buyers respond very easily and quickly. Every publisher has a limited set of buyers that can access their non-negotiable premium inventory. Publishers sell at premium fixed prices to a select group of buyers who compete over the inventory at higher prices. It’s quite easy for buyers to work with, while the publishers enjoy extensive scalability and flexibility to optimize each campaign.

Preferred deals: These deals make it possible for publishers to sell premium inventory exclusively one-on-one, at a fixed fee that can be negotiated. The deal is then transacted in real time. Preferred deals provide publishers with a controlled and stable revenue stream through this secluded transaction environment. Buyers benefit from fixed deals too; knowing the price ahead helps them to better plan and control their campaign budget.

In both cases, private auctions and preferred deals let publishers expose the segmented audience for each ad space, turning it into an audience level deal. They are available in multiple languages across multiple platforms and can be measured on a highly granular level.