Prepare your App for the new Google Mobile Ads SDK release

Contributor, November 16, 2020

Prepare your App for the new Google Mobile Ads SDK release

The Lede

Google will release a new version of the Mobile Ads SDK for both Android (version 20.0.0) and iOS (version 8.0.0) in early 2021.  


In Brief

Version 20.0.0 of the upcoming Google Mobile Ads SDK will arrive with several major changes, new names for aspects of the API, and the retirement of portions of the API.  

Both the Android (version 20.0.0) and the iOS (version 8.0.0) will arrive in Q1 2021.    

What You Should Know

  • APIs have been changed  New API calls for Interstitial and Rewarded Ads (Full-Screen formats)
  • APIs have been renamed  See the full list for Android (version 20.0.0) and iOS (version 8.0.0)
  • APIs have been removed  LegacyRewarded, Ad request level TFCD-bit settings, NativeContentAd and NativeAppInstallAd
  • APIs have been depreciated  Smart Banner will be replaced by Adaptive Banner

The Bottom Line

  • To avoid potential revenue loss, you should understand how these changes may affect your app(s).
  • Consider updating your API usage in your existing apps according to Googles recommended migration guides
  • Updating to either version of the SDK without first making to changes to the API will cause issues with apps and potentially affect revenue.