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Contributor, August 7, 2014

A glimpse behind the scenes of our new analytics dashboard!

“Working on a project like this puts the business of news and content in a totally new perspective
.” Eran Levy, R&D team leader

Today more than ever we’re constantly connected to our online publisher portals. We hunger for the next big story and follow news with immense interest.
But we rarely stop to think how this entire online eco-system exists. Truth is without its digital advertising pillar, professional news and other online publisher portals will trickle to a halt.

Digital advertising is behind every news bite every second of the day. It operates at the pulsating center of every online publishing business.

The incredibly complex technologies operating on the maze of online advertising platforms are truly mind boggling.  These digital backbones require vast amounts of algorithms to help display and monetize every pixel, in every ad placement during every millisecond.

So, if you’re an online publisher, how on earth can you manage swarms of advertising data streamed through data warehouses across multiple platforms in multiple formats every second of the day?

Oraki’s R&D team was put to the test.  It was assigned with the task of developing a digital publisher business intelligence dashboard.  And not just any display…

The system had to drive online publishers to a new level of performance. It needed to make a significant difference to our customer’s bottom line.

“One of the biggest challenges I faced was setting up a data warehouse for generating a simple user-friendly holistic view of  the publisher’s ad inventory that displays forecasted revenue-making opportunities. Although simple to follow, it required complex cross-platform data sourcing.” Eran Levy

The team took it in stride, combining 10 years of advertising industry experience with technological skills including advanced algorithm programming. One of the biggest technological challenges was the retrieval of data from different platforms in different formats and integrating them into one data warehouse. Large volumes of data from multiple sources needed to be quickly processed to share vital insights immediately.

The team developed a system that monetizes publishers’ ad inventory more quickly and with greater returns.

The new system lets publishers simply manage ad performance analytics and monitor predictive forecasting through a visually pleasing dashboard. It captures complex digital advertising processes in a friendly view that displays performance reports, trends and predictive analysis in a powerful visual format.

The ability to deal with such huge volumes of data in such a dynamic environment has been such an exciting experience.”