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Contributor, December 24, 2017

What is Outstream?

Outstream is a video ad placement for a website which dynamically and responsively appears as the user interacts with your webpage.  Outstream ads offer a unique experience to users as they consume content on a website.

Launching out of a normal in-line area of your webpage’s textual area when the out-stream ad unit comes into view, out-stream enables publishers to enjoy video monetization without having to face the complexities or demands of producing video content while at the same time ensuring an excellent user experience on the site.

Oraki’s Outstream – InRead

InRead (InContent)

Designed to open up if there is demand and to expand and show between paragraphs. The player will pause if the player is not viewable, and will close when the Ad completes.

Outstream launches out of a normal in-line area of your webpage’s textual area when it comes into view.  Outstream differs from pre-roll, mid-roll and post-roll in that outstream offers a seemless expanded arrival and minimized exit from the content based on user scroll behavior on the page.

If more than 50% of the advertisement is not in view of the user, the video will pause automatically and keep its position until the user again sees more than 50% of the ad space.

Why Outstream is Beneficial for Publishers

As more and more websites look to add video onto their sites, out-stream is ideal starting point for companies that currently don’t have in-stream or video monetization to begin earning revenue from video.

Oraki’s outstream tags are connected to buyers from 100’s of dynamic demand sources. Any publisher can use outstream within their content as a means of creating website monetization on desktop, mobile.

Implementation of outstream onto a webpage is simple! Webmasters simply need to add a universal, simple tag which will take a small footprint onto their webpage.

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