Oraki – Pioneering a New Paradigm in EMEA’s Ad Tech

Sharon Reisner, February 1, 2024

Oraki – Pioneering a New Paradigm in EMEA’s Ad Tech

Tel Aviv, February 1, 2024. Oraki, an innovative leader in the ad tech sector, today announced its distinguished position as one of only three Google Ad Manager 360 partners in EMEA. Representing hundreds of publishers across various verticals and reaching over 200 million monthly unique visitors, Oraki celebrated its evolution from Total Media Solutions to a pioneering role in programmatic advertising, a journey now further exemplified by its recent certification expansion as a Google Ad Manager 360 reseller across EMEA.

Sivan Tafla, CEO of Oraki, commented on this achievement: “Our Google Ad Manager 360 reseller expansion is a landmark in our journey, reflecting our commitment to revolutionising ad tech and amplifying publisher potential in EMEA.”

Oraki distinguishes itself with a unique approach to Publisher Revenue Management (PRM), blending artificial intelligence (AI) with human insights for smarter, intuitive decision-making, ensuring transparency and advanced technical capabilities for publishers.

With a fusion of cutting-edge technology and decades of industry experience, Oraki offers unparalleled ad tech management, revenue optimization and strategic consulting services, solidifying its specialised relationship with Google and its work with significant ecosystem partners such as Amazon, PubMatic, OpenX, ironSource, etc.

Oraki’s diverse global market expertise, along with success stories from significant partnerships, highlight its ability to tailor solutions for local publishers and enhance digital strategies.

Sharon Weiss, former CTO at Minute Media elaborated: “Minute Media’s collaboration with Oraki has been transformative. Their exceptional level of service and support in areas like Publisher Revenue Management and Google Ad Manager 360 management, combined with their deep technical expertise, have been crucial in our evolution and growth. This partnership reflects our shared commitment to excellence and innovation in the ever-changing digital advertising landscape.” 

Adapting to industry challenges such as the deprecation of third-party cookies, Oraki is integrating new technologies to assist publishers. They offer flexible solutions in a changing economic environment, helping publishers efficiently manage market shifts. Additionally, Oraki is emphasising direct publisher relationships, aligning with trends in today’s ad tech scene. This strategy resonates with the industry’s shift toward more efficient bidding processes and supply-path optimization, demonstrating Oraki’s innovative approach and foresight.

Oraki invites you to join this transformative journey. For more information, visit Oraki’s website.

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Oraki (formerly Total Media Solutions) is your trusted partner in the digital publishing world. As a tech-based revenue management company, we specialize in simplifying the lives of publishers through cutting-edge technology, effective digital monetization strategies, and valuable data insights. With a publisher-centric approach, our expert consulting services guide you towards success, helping you reach your peak performance.

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