Oraki is Now a Google Certified Publishing Partner

Contributor, October 1, 2015

Oraki is Now a Google Certified Publishing Partner

 Let’s get down to business: Oraki knows what it takes for your website to excel with Google publishing solutions

As one of Google’s Certified Publishing Partners, Oraki can help your business thrive. Google selected us for this program based on our proven expertise in DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) and DoubleClick AdExchange (AdX). We’ll help you monetize your sites as well as work with you on properly managing your inventory in order to earn as much as possible from every impression.

Better results through proven expertise
Why choose a certified partner? Because every day we help publishers like you set up ads, manage and optimize them, and analyze the results. We handle the details so you’re free to spend your time on what you do best: creating great content for your site. In fact, Google has provided us with a badge, so that you as a publisher can trust us as a Certified Publishing Partner. 

Define your business strategy—and get the help you need
We can help make online advertising work harder and smarter for you. We’ll learn about your unique publishing needs and then help you with:

Customizing Google publishing solutions to your specific needs

Maximizing your overall revenue through consulting and monetization services

Increasing your ROI

Google created the Certified Publishing Partner program to help its publishers grow and flourish. We’re proud to be one of the select few agencies recognized by Google for our cross-product expertise. Ready to get started? Let’s talk about how Google publishing solutions can create real results for your business.

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