New TV Solutions Rolling Out in Display & Video 360

Contributor, May 19, 2019

Google is taking big steps toward evolving the programmatic world by joining the online world with the connected TV ecosystem.

Google and its demand-side platform, Display & Video 360, have recently announced that they have begun making more connected TV inventory available for purchase programmatically, in addition to working to define how TV consumers will be able to control their data and the privacy in this connected TV ecosystem.

Google expects connected TVs to be the next frontier for programmatic advertising and an emerging space that will continue to grow.

Google claims that in just the past twelve months, the number of advertisers running connected TV campaigns on Display & Video 360 has increased 137 percent from 2018 to 2019.  And as of Q2 2019, Google has made more connected TV ad slots available to advertisers using Display & Video 360.

Here is a breakdown of what Google recently announced regarding user privacy, linear TV capabilities and how it plans to consolidate the digital and TV buying experience for marketers.

Privacy – Present

In partnership with the IAB Tech Lab’s OTT Technical Working Group, Google assisted in developing new industry standards designed to create high-quality and user-focused connected TV experiences.

Display & Video 360 supports the Working Group’s new guidelines, Identifier for Advertising (IFA), which allows advertisers to reach audiences and measure their campaigns in a manner that simultaneously enables transparency, data protection and choice over ad settings to users.

      • New IFA standards ensure marketers the ability to manage frequency, measure reach, and develop intelligent audience segmentation strategies.
      • End-users have clear choices regarding how data is used (reset collected data, fully opt-out of interest-based advertising).
      • The IFA standards have been adopted by TV device manufacturer Roku and measurement vendor Nielson.

    Linear TV – Fall 2019

    Display & Video 360’s new linear TV capabilities extend reach to traditional TV viewers by allowing for the purchase of ad slots on national broadcast networks and local TV stations through a partnership with WideOrbit (network affiliates).  Soon, marketers will have access to premium national broadcast and cable channels through clypd.

    Within Display & Video 360, marketers can set-up detailed campaign parameters:

        • Target users by Geography, Time, Genre or TV network
        • Manage and optimize budgets and reach

      Consolidated TV Buying for Media Buyers – Fall 2019

      To build a strong collaboration between TV and digital media buying, Display & Video 360 will contain a consolidated TV workflow allowing marketers to buy connected TV together with traditional TV in one place under a single TV insertion order.