New Interactive Ad Experiences Released in Display & Video 360

Contributor, July 22, 2019

New display ads formats have been introduced on Display & Video 360 which enable advertisers to deliver more interactive and dynamic ad experiences to consumers.

Released in early 2019, Swirl and YouTube Livestreams with Display Ads insert impressive functionality and value to marketers and consumers alike across multiple formats and screens.

With two new ways to create captivating ads in Display & Video 360, marketers can now showcase their brand and products to consumers in unique ways that have never before been possible on the platform.

Swirl – Immersive 3D Display Ads

Swirl is a new immersive display format design for the mobile web. Built using 3D technology, D&V360’s newest interactive advertisement allows users to explore every angle of an object/product by rotating the object in 3D with a finger swipe. By rotating the object in all directions and zooming in and out, users are given the impression that they are interacting with an object as if it were directly in front of them on a screen.

Ad example is courtesy of Google

Marketers that already have 3D assets can begin implementing them into Swirl by using the 3D/Swirl component in Google Web Developer.  Google has announced that it will be implementing a new editing platform in Poly, their 3D platform, enabling the ability to edit, configure, and publish high-quality creatives for presentation in interactive display ads.

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YouTube Livestreams with Display Ads

As live streaming on YouTube continues to grow up popularity across the world, many brands are investing in live stream content through sponsorships and producing their own branded content.

Display & Video 360’s new live-stream format enables marketers to run YouTube live content within display ads across screens and devices.

To get started, marketers should use Google Web Developer to convert existing assets from past YouTube live stream campaigns alongside a new template in GWD.

Ad example is courtesy of Google

Users can preview the live-stream, as well as watch the full stream and subsequently leave when they are ready, giving them full control for how and when they interact with the content.

By using the live stream format, viewers of the live stream can interact with the video using the built-in YouTube player controls. 

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