New in Display & Video 360 – The Combined Tab

Contributor, May 9, 2020

New in Display & Video 360 – The Combined Tab

The Combined tab now the default view for your campaigns in Display & Video 360:

What does this mean?

The revamped Combined tab is now the default view for your campaigns, giving you a complete picture of campaign performance and structure in Display & Video 360.

Please note the separate Insertion Order and Line Item tabs will be deprecated in the coming weeks in Display & Video 360.

Highlights of the Combined Tab include:

View your campaign hierarchy in one place; The Combined tab features a hierarchical list of all of the insertion orders and line items in your campaign. You can also see creatives from the Summary view.

Refreshed look-and-feel and quicker workflows:

You’ll see several improvements that make it easier to navigate your campaign and complete key actions faster. You can expand all insertion orders with one click and quickly spot different items with new icons. By hovering over an insertion order, you can easily filter to that insertion order, view it in a new tab, or create a new line item in it. The data cards at the top of the page will update if you filter to one insertion order or line item.

Enhanced filtering:

The Combined tab features enhanced filters, including filtering by completed flight dates in addition to active and paused statuses, as well as by insertion orders and line items that have received more than a certain number of impressions.

Set a default view:

You’ll see the same Performance, Pacing, Quality, and Optimization views from the Insertion Order and Line Item tabs. You can pin any view, including a custom view, so that it becomes your default view whenever you navigate to the Combined tab.

See real-time data with the Summary view:

The updated Summary view features real-time performance data from the past hour so you can get a sense of directional campaign performance.

Convert campaign plans into insertion orders and line items for streamlined campaign setup:

In order to help you quickly and efficiently move from planning to executing your campaign, use the new “Set up” button next to each plan to help ensure that your eligible planned products are converted into line items that match your media plan. Previously, you’d need to rebuild a plan into a campaign.