New Changes to Display & Video 360 for March 2019

Contributor, April 8, 2019

What’s new?

Here is a breakdown of all of the new features and updates that are now available on Display & Video 360 from March 2019.

Campaign and workflow updates

Plan campaigns and forecast unique reach in Display & Video 360

A new planning workspace is now available in the Campaigns module, which gives advertisers a comprehensive cross-inventory planning tool and a reach forecasting tool for video buys. Planners can discover new inventory, forecast video reach, and export campaign plans. Learn more

Election advertising in the European Union

Google requires verification for advertisers who want to run election ads in the European Union (excluding the United Kingdom). Applications for verification opened on March 14, 2019. They can take up to 3-5 business days to process. Learn more

Instantly reach customers in the moments that matter with real-time triggers

Real-time triggers allow you to instantly reach and engage with customers in the moments that matter by syncing your digital campaign with offline signals such as sports events. These signals are used to instantly trigger the launch of a campaign and accelerate delivery so you only spend when the signal is relevant to your brand and customers. Real-time triggers are available for display and video line items. Learn more

Structured Data Files version 4.2 now available

Version 4.2 of Structured Data Files (SDF) has been released. Highlights of this version include:

      • Support for TrueView connected TV bid adjustments
      • Ability to inherit insertion order start and end dates at the line item level
      • Renaming changes to better align SDF with the Display & Video 360 UI

    Explore budget options chart now available from insertion orders

    A new explore budget options chart is now available when you’re viewing an insertion order. You can use the chart to explore how key performance metrics might change if you adjust your insertion order budget proportionally across line items. Learn more

    Insertion-order level automated bid strategies now available

    Now when creating an insertion order, you can set the insertion order’s optimization settings to have Display & Video 360 automatically adjust bids and shift budgets for better performing line items across the insertion order. Learn more

    TrueView line items now included in Brand Quality settings

    TrueView line items and ad groups are now included in your Brand Quality settings overview. Learn more

    Improved management and reporting for connected TV apps

      • Manage app targeting through channels: You can now create channels with connected TV apps to more easily manage groups of apps for targeting. Learn more
      • App identifiers in reports: You can now see identifiers for individual connected TV apps when you use the App/URL dimension in reports, allowing you to get better insight into what apps your video ads served on through connected devices. Previously, connected TV devices were categorized under “Low volume inventory” with this dimension. Learn more

    Location lists can now be used for regional geography targeting

    Regional location lists for bulk postal code targeting are now supported. The size limits for all location lists have also been improved:

        • Location lists can now contain up to 10,000 entries each.
        • You can now create up to 50 proximity and 50 regional location lists (100 total).

      Learn more

      Bulk edit in the Combined view for campaign flights

      Targeting settings for insertion orders and line items can now be edited in bulk from the Combined view.

      Your email address displayed in Display & Video 360 now aligns with other Google products

      The email address shown in the User Management section of Display & Video 360 now reflects the primary email address of your Google Account. This aligns the email address shown in Display & Video 360 with the email address you see in other Google products. There’s no change to the email address you use to sign in to Display & Video 360.

      Creative updates

      Improvements to the Ad Canvas and new draft creative formats

      Ad Canvas now has a more intuitive workflow for handling draft and published versions of creatives. You can now:

          • See which version you’re currently viewing
          • Switch between versions
          • See what you can edit in each version

        In addition, Flipbook and Lightbox creative formats now support draft versions. Learn more

        Creatives can now be copied in bulk

        You can now create copies of one or more creatives using the “Duplicate” bulk action. Learn more

        Copy and paste in Ad Canvas list view

        To make it easier to manage creatives with lots of variants, you can use list view to manage creatives in a spreadsheet-like view. To speed up editing, you can now:

            • Copy and paste cells and columns
            • Copy to and from external spreadsheets

          Inventory updates

          Preferred Deals moving into Google Ad Manager

          Since October 31, 2018, legacy preferred deals that were not created in Google Ad Manager became read-only and non-modifiable by the buyer or seller. Preferred deals launched in Ad Manager on July 31, 2018, and most publishers have moved their preferred deals into Ad Manager. All legacy preferred deals will become inactive on March 31, 2019. Please reach out to your Display & Video 360 representative for questions about specific preferred deals.

          Inventory source updates

          For the latest information on inventory sources in Display & Video 360 see Supported display exchangesSupported native exchanges, and Supported audio & video exchanges.