New Additions to Display & Video 360 Address Ad Frequency

Contributor, October 17, 2019

New Additions to Display & Video 360 Address Ad Frequency

Advanced machine learning capabilities set to arrive in Q4 2019

Google will soon release ad frequency controls in Display & Video 360 that allow for the use of predictive models to assist in optimizing ad delivery to users without the use of cookies.

The ad frequency controls will go live on Display & Video 360 in early November and will arrive on Google Ads soon after that.

The new feature will use machine learning to analyze traffic patterns when third-party cookies are available, and conversely, Display & Video 360 will begin utilizing predictive models to identify behavior patterns when cookies are not present.

What this means is that the feature will allow for Display & Video 360 to estimate the likelihood for users to visit other publishers serving the same ads via Google Ad Manager.

Google claims that if third-party cookies are not present, the ads will be optimized and frequency capped for users. Google is now relying on predictive models to fill in the gap about how its ads are delivered when a cookie is not available to provide data on the user.