Monetization Case Study – A Prominent European Publisher

Contributor, March 23, 2017


Oraki is a global digital solutions provider offering ad technologies, monetization solutions and value-added services to publishers and advertisers worldwide.  

With extensive expertise in sell-side ad technologies, Oraki is recognized as an official Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) and has been an official DoubleClick by Google partner for over ten years for optimizing DFP Premium, DFP Small Business, and DoubleClick AdX.

Publisher Overview

In 2016, Oraki began working with an impressively growing publisher in Europe, that at the time, did not possess sufficient remnant traffic for viable monetization.

The Scenario

The site lacked quality advertising due to the fact they chose to exclude many types of advertisers from their website in order to mold their website experience to effectively match their content by pairing it with advertisers of a similar demographic and focus.

Preferred Deals – Results

The before and after results of our introduction of preferred deal and a new ad unit to the website on August 1, 2016, were quite optimal.

The uplift in ad requests and matches is due to the introduction of a new ad unit for the preferred deal, which as a result, yielded additional opportunities and revenue for the publisher.

We were extremely pleased to have the website experience significant growth to its ad requests, monthly revenue and average ad eCPM as a result of the preferred deal and new ad unit placement.


While at first, it may feel like taking a deep dive into the unknown with so many intriguing options available to publishers, we completely appreciate that adding new monetization solutions to your website is not a straightforward and simple process.

Regardless, you shouldn’t be hesitant to press forward and try to improve your monthly revenue.  

Your website should be a vehicle for making money and we’re here to assist you along the way to amplify your monthly ad revenue.

Oraki can enable your website to add all of these effective monetization streams to your website and then handling all of the complex optimizations thereafter.

We hope the writing of this post has assisted you to better understand how your website monetization strategies can be optimized and improved in the short term.  If you would like to hear more, please feel free to contact us below.