Maximizing Revenue, Engagement and Viewability: Google’s Latest Best performing Ad Products for Publishers

Daniel Ganlin, June 3, 2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of online publishing, staying ahead of the curve is paramount for publishers looking to maximize revenue streams while ensuring a seamless user experience.

Notably, all products introduced below boast higher ECPM due to their exceptional viewability percentages, resulting in elevated revenue for publishers.

Let’s delve into the Latest best performing products tailored to enhance monetization and user engagement.

Web Interstitials: New Triggers

One of Google’s well known products is the Web Interstitial, designed for both desktop and mobile platforms. These full-page web ads serve as an additional inventory and revenue source for publishers, while adhering to Better Ads Standards.

Now, publishers can monetize web pages with impactful ads without compromising user experience. What’s new? Google has introduced new Triggers Features for Web Interstitials, enabling ads to be triggered when a user navigates to a page, unhides a tab/window, or clicks the browser’s navigation bar (desktop only).

The trigger enable publishers to increase their revenue further, by optimizing the opportunities to call for a web interstitial

Even if users trigger multiple actions that could display an interstitial, the frequency cap set by the publisher is respected, ensuring a balanced ad experience.

In analysis we’ve made between regular Banners and Interstitial ads for CPM and Viewability, results were clear: Web interstitial demonstrated relatively high CPM’s and viewability. Both desktop and mobile interstitials provide 7x the CPM of display banners.

For viewability: Web interstitials show 95%, compared Display Banners with a 60% viewability.

  Desktop Web Interstitial                                                                              Mobile Web Interstitial

Desktop Web Interstitial
Mobile Web Interstitial

Side Rail Ads for Desktop: Enhancing Monetization Efforts

Another noteworthy addition is the Side Rail Ads for desktop, known as Anchor Ads. These ads cleverly anchor themselves at the top or bottom of web pages, remaining in view as users scroll. This format not only improves monetization efforts but also complies with Better Ads Standards. Users retain control as they can collapse the anchor ad at any time with a simple click, maintaining a non-intrusive browsing experience.

Comparing to display banners, this product has also shown relatively high CPMs and viewability.
Based on a comparison of Side rails, which is available only on Desktop, with display banners, Side rails provide 25% higher CPM than display banners.
Side rail ads also show 93% viewability rate (compared to Display Banners which according to our data have approx 60% viewability rate).

Side rail

Top and Bottom Anchors for Desktop and Mobile: Continuous Monetization

Expanding on the success of Anchor Ads, Google offers Top and Bottom Anchors for both desktop and mobile platforms. These ads, positioned strategically at the extremities of web pages, stay fixed as users navigate through content. Just like their side rail counterparts, these anchors uphold Better Ads Standards and can be collapsed by users, ensuring a harmonious balance between monetization and user satisfaction.

According to our analysis of desktop interstitials versus display banners, desktop anchors provide 84% higher CPM than display banners.
Similarly, Mobile Anchors have a higher CPM than Display Banners by 50%.

As per viewability, compared to the 60% viewability for Display banners in our analysis, Anchors’ viewability was 90% higher, proving that anchors show significantly better results on all key performance indicators.


Top Desktop Anchor                                                      Top Mobile Anchor

Top-Deskop-Anchor                 Top-Mobile-Anchor


Bottom Desktop Anchor                                              Bottom Mobile Anchor 




Rewarded Ads: A Win-Win for Publishers and Users

Rewarded Ads is a format that incentivizes users to generate higher engagement with the ads. Users can watch a video ad or view a display ad in exchange for rewards. These rewards could range from access to premium content like articles or in-game rewards such as extra lives or virtual currency.

By offering such benefits, publishers can not only enhance user engagement but also unlock new revenue streams in a mutually beneficial manner.

The results of our analysis of Rewarded ads indicate that publishers can obtain up to 40 times higher CPMs in comparison to banner ads.


Open Ads for Apps: Seamless Integration for Enhanced Engagement

Last but not least, Google offers Open Ads for Apps, targeting users as they open or switch back to an app. These traffic ads seamlessly integrate into the loading or splash screen, capturing users’ attention without disrupting their app experience. With this feature, publishers can effectively monetize their apps while ensuring a smooth user journey, thus striking a balance between revenue generation and user satisfaction.

Ads on mobile devices apps, such as Open ads, have shown similar performance to mobile interstitials in terms of CPM and viewability, and can be used to better manage your advertising inventory.


From our recent experience, we can confirm that these creative ad formats provide significant value to our publishers by offering new and effective monetization sources while prioritizing user experience. We encourage publishers to continue embracing these new tools to achieve sustained success in the dynamic landscape of online publishing.

Note: As a GCPP GAM360 reseller , Oraki is highly familiar with all of these new features and products and we’d love to provide specific information and recommendations for your specific needs. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Maximizing Revenue, Engagement and Viewability: Google’s Latest Best performing Ad Products for Publishers