Master the Creative Review Process in Display & Video 360

Contributor, April 13, 2020

Master the Creative Review Process in Display & Video 360

Here’s what you need to know about the creative review system and process!

Display & Video 360 has a unique visual approval process. This process is subject to an in-depth and detailed automated system to show only safe content to users.

How it works: This system generally occurs as a separate examination in two main columns.  

1. Display & Video 360 Review Process:

This first and most important process has two sub-review stages, Creative and landing page review, and content and policy review.

DV360 and Ad Manager reviews are examined same time and based on the same mechanisms and rules. If the status in Display & Video 360 column is “Pending, Servable” or “Approved, Servable” for an creative, you can also see that Google Ad Manager is approved in Exchange column. This is a sufficient stage for you to start publishing the creative.

2. Rule Policies of Exchanges

Summary of the process of approving and publishing the creatives

Technically, the process of getting a creative ready to be published takes between 8 – 24 hours (often takes more than 1 business day on Trueview videos).

Under standard conditions (suspicious content, suspicious visual, sectoral content that needs extra review, etc.) and regular business days, this period remains within the specified timeframe. However, in some non-standard time periods (like weekends) or situations (important days, weeks, public holidays etc.), these processes may reach 48 hours and more.

In such cases, if the approval process has exceeded the specified period, we can consult the subject and if necessary, the subject can be brought to the manual review stage by us. But, please remember that in order for us to do this, the creative must have exceeded the specified time and are still unapproved. We would like you to know that the result will be received within the nearest workday.

Note: Trueview ads have a different review process than Display & Video ads. Trueview ads usually have a review period of up to 24 hours. To get support regarding the ad review status from us, wait for the situation to be stable for 24 hours.

In order to prevent the Trueview video from being rejected, first make sure that the Youtube video you add is “Public” on Youtube (it should not be “Private”).

If the result of the creative approval process is rejected

If the creative is not working properly, has inappropriate content, or is an exception, the DV360 will respond to the creative approval as a rejection and not allow it to publishing. In this case, what needs to be done;

      • When you see the answer “Rejected, Not Servable”, click “See Details”.
      • You will then see an explanation of why the creative was rejected from the Audit information section.
      • Revise your creative following this description and details, the revised image is automatically sent to the approval process again.

    * If you believe that you have made the necessary revision following the rejection notice and you receive a rejection again after the approval process, you can contact us after that.

    Don’t forget! In all ads, Google may permanently close your account if adware violations or malware are suspected as a result of reviews.

    COVID-19 and consequent delays and failures:

    As known, COVID-19 situation, which has been negatively affecting every aspect of life for a while, also causes technical processes and supports in advertising publications to fail.

    In the analysis of the above mentioned creatives, there are delays due to the automatic processes intensity and the disruption of the technical process revisions of the technical teams, and the manual supports are delayed due to the direct effect of this process. We recommend that you take this into consideration when performing the ad setup and creative approval stages.