How can you reach maximum revenue from every digital ad at zero risk?

Contributor, June 19, 2014

Publisher – is your advertising traffic growing? Are you ready to increase your revenues? If you’re nodding affirmatively then this is the time to take the plunge into Google’s Ad Exchange Real Time Bidding (RTB) platform.  

Google’s DoubleClick Ad Exchange is an open marketplace where you buy and sell your ad space in a real-time auction. It helps you to allocate ads more efficiently and more profitably. You can access countless more advertisers and sell a lot more impressions while still being able to control who advertises on your site. You can even identify where your revenue is coming from and what ads are most valuable.

Nonetheless managing Google Ad Exchange’s business processes is complex and can be overwhelming. If you do it on your own, at best you might see some return on investment. At worse you could end up with under-performing ad inventory sales and the eerie silent treatment in your company corridors.

To secure a revenue boost and robust return on investment, it’s vital to equip your organization with the resources, expertise and technology skillset needed to manage this multifaceted platform.

To improve performance, maximize inventory sell-through and significantly boost your revenues you’ll need to know how to take full advantage of what Google’s Ad Exchange offers. You will need to estimate potential sales and you will need to manage your premium customers.

Recognizing the challenges of managing Google Ad Exchange, Oraki created a smart monetization solution that optimizes every ad impression and delivers a much bigger revenue stream, at zero risk.

Being a long term Google partner, and the biggest DoubleClick by Google reseller in EMEA, Oraki is well positioned to identify and leverage new revenue stream opportunities. An expert team of technology developers and advertising industry analysts works to monetize every ad unit, minimize unsold inventory and maximize premium publisher rates. The monetization team is well adept at bringing the right impression to the right person at the right time.

A new Oraki optimization algorithm triggers alerts on publisher revenue opportunities as well as potential losses.  Our team at Oraki immediately notifies our customers and recommends how best to act on the alerts.

Oraki’s monetization unit employs a multi-talented, muti-lingual team of industry experts, technology developers and Google Ad Exchange professionals who analyze traffic sources, optimize the fill rate/CPM ratio and in turn, reach the best bid rates for you, the publisher.

“We’re constantly developing ad exchange enhancing technology and enriching our expertise to deliver the most advanced solutions for managing the real-time media marketplace,” Adi Engel, Director of Professional Services and products.

“With our new analytics, we can forecast revenues and help to deliver huge revenue gains while maintaining premium clients.”