Grow Your Display & Video 360 Performance with Outcome-Based Buying!

Contributor, June 25, 2020

Grow Your Display & Video 360 Performance with Outcome-Based Buying!
Along with the need to improve click and action performances, a couple of months ago, Google introduced “click” based buying on the DV360. With this feature, you can pay for clicks instead of impressions. In Display & Video 360, you can change your campaign’s billable outcome to increase its overall performance. When you pay for an outcome other than impressions (like clicks), you’ll spend less time analyzing metrics that aren’t important to you (for example, stop looking at impressions if you only care about clicks). You’ll also prevent any risk of paying for impressions that don’t lead to your preferred outcome.How does it work?First, enable OBB settings in your Partner level settings.

Second, create an insertion order and chose your goal focus; For example, CPA. Third, choose your payment option. For that, in “what would you like to pay for?” section, select Click option.

Important tip!

If you want to run your campaign with CPA well, you need to assign your Conversion tracking in the campaign’s Line Items.

Information about Click Payments

When you set an insertion order to pay for clicks, the campaign’s data is shared with Google to optimize performance.

      • Click outcomes can only be used with display line items with CPA bidding strategies. You can set target bidding goals per line item. Remember to set your CPA accordingly. It should be higher now that you are paying for clicks instead of impressions.
      • In Display & Video 360, reporting Post Click Conversions will equal Total Conversions (because conversions now only come from clicks). Post View Conversions will be zero.
      • In Campaign Manager reporting, Post View Conversions will still be counted.

    Please note:

    Features that rely on impressions aren’t supported when not paying for impressions, including impression-based budgets, non-invoiceable CPM fees, attribution models for impressions, and average CPM constraints.

    Please note that the following are also not supported:

      • Non-clickable ads (when paying for clicks) or other advertisements that don’t follow our advertising policies
      • Creatives hosted outside of Display & Video 360 or Campaign Manager
      • Video, YouTube, and native inventory
      • Deal inventory
      • Third-party viewability targeting

    If you need any help, please feel free to contact us.