EBDA is now available as a part of Google Ad Manager 360!

Contributor, August 29, 2018

EBDA is now available as a part of Google Ad Manager 360!

Exchange Bidding Dynamic Allocation (EBDA) feature within Google Ad Manager (GAM) where exchanges and SSPs can bid on a publishers’ inventory, in addition to inventory sourced from the Google Ad Manager’s Ad Exchange (DoubleClick AdX), all within a unified auction inside the platform.

Introduced as a response to Header Bidding, EBDA gives new control to publishers to approve and onboard partners within GAM to access their inventory programmatically. The result is a unified auction on a much evener playing field, with the publisher in the driving seat. The feature is geared towards promoting unified competition for every impression, increasing yield, and earned revenue for publisher inventory while reducing a publisher’s workload.

Using EBDA the entire flow for the publisher takes place within Google’s infrastructure, with Google handling the auction, reporting, billing, and payments. This integrated approach will be a huge financial and operational benefit to publishers since they will not need to wait for payments from each of their demand partners every month. Whereas in the past a publisher would need to wait or even chase for their monthly earnings, Google will now deliver payment to publishers of all of the revenue earned.

Additionally, EBDA differs from Header Bidding in that it allows for a direct connection to exchanges through GAM rather than through linkage in a header bidding code on the publisher’s website. This difference alone gives publishers an opportunity to benefit from EBDA by significantly reducing latency caused by calling multiple Demand Sources in the head of the page and complexity within the publisher’s AdServer.

EBDA is important because it is the next stage of the industry-transforming to fully programmatic. Whereas previously publishers were working with tag-based networks that would compete for an imperfect price against AdX which evolved into Header Bidding, EBDA enables publishers unmatched integration in one platform for bidding in real-time programmatically.


  • EBDA is exclusively available within Google Ad Manager 360, the world’s premier ad serving platform for publishers.
  • Benefit from increased global competition and demand for your inventory.
  • Independently approve and onboard your demand partners directly into EBDA.
  • Reduced load latency and complexity for the partner tags in the page </head>.
  • Reduced complexity in your Ad Server.
  • Simplified auctions, reporting, and billing for publishers.
  • The single timely monthly payment for all of your revenue earned.


If you would like to begin using Google Ad Manager with EBDA to earn more revenue from every impression, we are ready to partner with you to reach your goals.  For over ten years, our unmatched publisher solutions maximize revenue through advanced proprietary optimization technologies, analysis management tools, and services.  We have extensive experience working with publishers to reach optimal revenue results from primary and other indirect demand sources. We are an official certified reseller and publishing partner of Google and we will provide you with access to Google Ad Manager 360 and EBDA.

  • Expert EBDA management of your inventory through elite optimization and yield management strategies.
  • Complete the unification of all of your inventory inside Google Ad Manager 360.
  • More demand than you’re currently working with – OpenX, Index Exchange, Rubicon, Smaato, Sovern, and Pubmatic and more to come.
  • Expert monetization team and resources to support you every step of the way.

If you would like more information about EBDA or want to hear from us about how Google Ad Manager can benefit your website by increasing your revenue, you can contact us here.