DoubleClick Bid Manager 101

Contributor, July 5, 2017


If you’re a company or agency looking to expand and strengthen your digital marketing activities, DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM), the world’s premier Demand Side Platform (DSP) available for marketers, is an excellent option to set your sights on.

DBM offers media buyers the view into the world’s premium inventory for programmatic media buying across all channels and formats.

In this post, we will be discussing DBM, each of its core benefits for marketers and how DBM simplifies programmatic ad buying and later, ad campaign evaluation.

What is DoubleClick Bid Manager?

DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) is Google’s demand-side platform (DSP) that offers agencies, trading desks, and advertisers access to the world’s most exclusive collection of display, video, and mobile inventory available in real-time.

Often called the most premium solution in a marketer’s programmatic advertising portfolio, DBM ensures media buyers the best opportunity to reach the highest level of bidding, targeting, and optimization available for launching programmatic ad campaigns.  As we will discuss below, advertisers have the ability to organize and align all of their programmatic buying options within DBM.

What is DoubleClick Bid Manager’s Core Features for Marketers?


  • Integrated with inventory from more than 100 Ad Exchanges and approx..1 billion websites
  • Advertise across all screens (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)
  • Elite Bidding Technology – manage multiple bidding strategies
  • Advanced Targeting capabilities – Locate and target your current and desired customers based on specific demographics, interests, and their purchase intent by using Google’s data.
  • Ability to reach people on your existing remarketing list.

Buying Options

  • All-in-one Solution – Marketers can choose from a variety of options for buying programmatically including programmatic guaranteed, direct deals, and open exchange.
  • DoubleClick Bid Manager’s interface allows marketers to plan, seek, and purchase premium media within the platform interface.
  • Premium video inventory – Buy brand-safe video inventory for YouTube and TV programmatically through Google Partner Select, DBM’s premium video marketplace.
  • Simplified Buying Process – DoubleClick Bid Manager allows marketers to build, execute, and measure campaigns across desktop, mobile, and video all within DBM.

Reporting and Optimization

  • Full reporting of more than 35 dimensions and 50 metrics for viewing the essential metrics of a campaign.
  • Funnel Analytics Measurement – Deep dive into all of your real-time analytics data to investigate whether your campaigns are reaching the right audiences and converting into leads.
  • Precise Campaign Management – Develop and manage your campaigns using Google’s advanced algorithms to adjust and optimize your bids to reach your specific campaign goals.
  • DBM allows marketers to view the number of impressions, ad clicks and specific website conversions that originated from the ad campaign

Unified Platform with DoubleClick

  • Use your cookies and floodlights to reach and monitor your target users in DoubleClick
  • Data created from DBM can be used and monitored throughout DoubleClick


  • Google’s DoubleClick Verification provides fraud protection for advertisers


Be a part of the world’s most premium solution for delivering your message. DBM will give you the best opportunity to reach the highest level of bidding, targeting, and optimization available for your programmatic ad campaigns.

As an official DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner (DCMP), Oraki has a rich history of working on DoubleClick platforms with different integration options. We have been an official value-added partner of DoubleClick by Google since the year 2009 and a partner of DoubleClick for 11 years, specializing in both buy-side and sell-side platforms.

If your company is searching for the leading programmatic opportunities, we would be happy to provide you with more information about how you can begin using DoubleClick Bid Manager.