Digital marketing: The best 12 Chrome extensions

Contributor, March 4, 2021

Digital marketing is a complex field with a lot of challenges. We compiled a list of tools for you that should make your life easier! Discover the 12 best Chrome extensions, whether you’re looking for new keywords or improving your hashtag research!

Digital marketing struggles

Digital marketing comes with many challenges. Anyone who works in that field has a lot to contend with daily. Whether you are looking for data insights, content ideas, or want to see how your brand measures up to the competition, having the right set of tools is essential. Once you gain insights into your brand’s customer personas and online journeys, you can implement a targeted digital marketing strategy that resonates and outsmarts the competition, leading to higher conversion rates and increased sales.

There are tens of thousands of tools that can provide the digital metrics you need, but some of the most powerful ones are in the Google Chrome Web Store. Chrome extensions built for digital marketing improve efficiency and boost productivity through their one-click capabilities, revealing critical data about any webpage.

In this post, I’ll highlight 12 Google Chrome extensions that will help you streamline your digital marketing activities, gain a deeper understanding of your audience, and create better lead generation campaigns.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights API Extension

Understand why your website is struggling speed-wise.

Slow-loading web pages negatively influence your organic search rankings and conversion rates. Hubspot found that 79% of customers who are dissatisfied with a website’s performance are less likely to buy from that brand. In addition, 47% of customers expect a webpage to load in two2 seconds or less, and a one-second delay causes a 7% reduction in conversions.

Google PageSpeed Insights API Extension displays a summary of your site’s performance with a deep link to Google PageSpeed for more detailed, actionable insights. By following the recommendations, you can improve site speed and create a better user experience.

2. Google Analytics UTM Builder

UTM generator in a few steps.

Everyone who is serious about digital marketing is using UTMs. UTMs or more specifically UTM codes tell you which channels and campaigns drive the most traffic to your website but manually creating them for each asset is tedious.

Instead, you can use the Google Analytics UTM Builder extension. Fill in the required fields, and the final link is generated for you with the added benefit of link shortening through You can create presets and share templates with colleagues, so everyone on your team builds UTMs with the same format.

3. Tag Assistant Legacy by Google

This tag tool helps to troubleshoot the installation of Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager.

You use tags to track site visitors, track business goals and create remarketing lists, but those tags are only beneficial if they are firing correctly. The Tag Assistant Legacy by Google will tell you which tags are live and working, which need minor fixes and which have major errors. Follow the recommendations from the extension to correct errors and improve your tagging health.

4. Keywords Everywhere

Free tool to retrieve the best keywords.

Keywords Everywhere is an easy-to-use keyword research tool. The free version of the extension shows related keywords on Google and Bing, and People Also Search For (PASF) keywords on Google. It can also analyze any URL to generate the page’s keywords and density. The paid version is much more powerful, providing monthly search volume, CPC, and data trends from the previous year. It supports 15+ websites, including Google (Search, Keyword Planner, and Analytics), Amazon, YouTube, Bing, eBay, and more.

5. Keyword Surfer

Reveal search data, run keyword research, and get content guidelines in Google Search.

This free extension offers a ton of valuable information in seconds. Once installed, enter a search term on Google, and Keyword Surfer will show you page traffic, the search volume for your keyword and similar keywords, the number of times your keyword appears on the page, and your keyword’s CPC.

6. Check My Links

Detect all your broken links with this tool.

There is nothing more frustrating in digital marketing than the need to catch up with all your broken links! Landing on a 404 page is bound to cause frustration for your visitors, and it can result in lost sales. Instead, take a proactive approach to eliminate poor user experience by using Check My Links to find all your 404 pages before your customers do. This extension crawls your site and checks every single link, alerting you to broken ones so you can take action.

7. Da Vinci Tools

Improve your UX experience with GA, GTM, Google Ads and Data Studio.

After years of working with Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager, Stephane Hamel had a long list of the bugs he encountered, all of the hacks he learned, and all of the enhancements he’d wished were available. That led him to develop Da Vinci Tools, which alleviates many of the annoying aspects of Google Analytics, Tag Manager, Ads, and Data Studio. Anyone who works in digital marketing who spends significant time with Google’s data tools will be grateful for this extension.

8. Ubersuggest

SEO tool to improve your organic traffic.

Ubersuggest provides all the SEO data you need to conduct competitor research and optimize your site’s SEO to gain more organic traffic and rank higher. This one-stop-shop displays search volume and CPC data on Google, YouTube, and Amazon offers keyword suggestions, shows the top 10 results’ metrics, and much more.

9. Ghostery

Block ads and understand who is tracking you through their AI-tracking.

While many are still trying to wrap their heads around how online data collection works, digital marketers have made an art out of it. But do you monitor who’s tracking you? Ghostery removes ads for faster browsing, but it goes further than its counterparts by combining blocklists with AI-tracking technologies. See which websites track you and block them through the extension. Upping the ante again is the Enhanced Anti Tracking which anonymizes your data.

10. Eboost Ad Spy

Digital marketing must have! See what your competitors are up to and what paid campaigns they are running.

To increase transparency, Facebook introduced the Ads Library. It’s a great way for your daily work in digital marketing to view your competitors’ Facebook and Instagram ads. If the Eboost Ad Spy extension turns blue while you are on a website or Facebook business page, it indicates that the brand is running ads. Clicking the extension will take you directly from the website or Facebook page to its Ads Library. If you work at an agency or manage multiple clients, this extension saves precious time.

11. SimilarWeb

Checking your competitor’s traffic rank and analyse their website.

SimilarWeb’s chrome extension offers a wealth of insights about any website. Anyone who is serious in digital marketing uses SimilarWeb, well at least the web version. We suggest you should download the Google Chrome extension. The extension displays a wide range of statistics, including a website’s traffic sources, top countries, top referring and destination sites, top organic and paid keywords, social network sources, and audience interests.

12. RiteTag

Find the hashtags for your posts, tweets, and images.

Instead of trying to guess which hashtags will serve you best, use RiteTag. This extension suggests hashtags based on an image or text. It conveniently works inside social channels and tools like Buffer, eliminating the need to move text between tools and platforms. Color-coded hashtags indicate the strength of each, even identifying which will help your content get seen immediately versus which will deliver longer-term value. The extension’s bells and whistles let you compare hashtag stats, add them to your post, paste them to a clipboard for later use, and more.

There you have it – 12 extensions that will transform your digital marketing efforts. Now, go forth and gather insights, attract leads, and convert visitors.