Case Study – Minute Media Audience Tracking and Selling

Contributor, May 22, 2018

Case Study – Minute Media Audience Tracking and Selling

Client Overview

Oraki and Minute Media are long-term strategic partners. Minute Media, a late stage start-up has worked with Oraki to scale their advertising technology platform. This includes ongoing consultation by Oraki around Minute Media’s technology stack and the recommendation of migrating from Google Analytics (GA) to Google Analytics 360 (GA360).

12up, the US major sports arm of Minute Media, focuses on the social conversations in and around sports by tapping into timely trends and topics.  12up includes multilingual support in English and Spanish.

Technical Ability

Minute Media had a high value ($100k) brief from one of their advertisers which was pinioned with a strict requirement on data and audience segmentation.

Progressive, one of the largest providers of car insurance in the United States, wanted to be able to randomly segment the 12up audience and deliver two very different creative threads to the two segments.

  • The segments had to be unique with zero crossovers, large enough for the campaign KPIs and persist through the lifetime of the campaign.
  • For the Progressive campaign Minute Media needed to be able to segment US users randomly and uniquely into two distinct segments.
  • Minute Media also had to report on the site activity of these users and the ad delivery and engagement of these users.

Delivered Solution

  • Scoped and ensured Minute Media buy-in of the solution, both in DFP and GA 360
  • Oraki recommended using the last digit of the GA Cookie, to assign the users into the segments (together with the relevant geo) to ensure unique random segmentation.
  • Assisted Minute Media in creating and managing the segments in GA 360.
  • Connected GA 360 and DFP Premium.
  • Configured audiences into DFP Premium.

Analytical Ability

To validate that the campaign would work, Oraki needed to assess and measure the segments to ensure each contained more than the 2mm UUs required in the brief. We also needed to ensure that the cookies in GA were the same in the segment pushed into DFP.

Business Impact

Oraki enabled Minute Media to successfully activate on this high-value campaign, enabling them to randomly segment relevant users at scale and then target and deliver to those users in DFP.

Oraki’s guidance and consultative approach ensured the campaign delivered seamlessly.

Not only did the campaign deliver all it’s KPIs, but Minute Media also provided data above and beyond all of Progressive’s other media partners.

Subsequently Progressive has booked an additional campaign with data package on 12UP from Minute Media increasing their initial spend.