By the Way, Did You Read This? Aug. 17

Contributor, August 17, 2015

Every week we want to update you with interesting articles that we read about the digital advertising industry that aim to keep you up to date and informed about the happenings of the market. Here’s what we thought was interesting from the past few weeks.

Google Switches On Programmatic For TrueView Video Ads

On Thursday, August 13, Google’s announced that its skippable and click-to-play YouTube ad format TrueView will become available programmatically.

Up until now, TrueView was available only for purchase through AdWords.

While TrueView will still remain purchasable on the latter platform, we agree with the author’s prediction that YouTube will eventually begin manage and takeover duties to allow for the purchase of TrueView on DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM) in the future, very interesting development.

The Science of Native Ads

Get up-to-date on the science behind native advertising, a growing segment of the online ad industry which is projected to exceed $8 billion USD in 2015 and eventually is predicted to expand to grow up to $21 billion by 2018.

Are Private Marketplaces the next Programmatic Growth Engine?

In this interesting read from, the author looks at how advertisers should seek to expand their online buying strategies by combine several programmatic ad buying styles in order to optimize their targeting and scale.

Specifically, the author breaks down three ways in which an advertiser can gain access into private publisher marketplaces and build stronger relationships with websites in order to gain access to premium inventory made available for purchase.