By the Way, Did You Read This? Aug. 10

Contributor, August 10, 2015

Every week we want to update you with interesting articles that we read about the digital advertising industry that aim to keep you up to date and informed about the happenings of the market. Here’s what we thought was interesting from this past week.

Is Apple developing a programmatic advertisers tool?

File this article under something to keep your eyes on.  Apple recently submitted a patent application for a technology that tracks a user’s available credit and then shows them advertisements based on how much money these individuals have to potentially spend in the future. Is it us or does this patent sound like Apple aims to throw their hat into the programmatic market soon?

The Programmatic Path to Profit for Publishers

Great overview from the Boston Consulting Group about the current and potential future of programmatic advertising for digital publishers.  We loved that in addition to the hard stats, the BCG report breaks down the various pain points online publishers currently experience and most importantly, how to begin re-thinking programmatic strategies for maximizing revenue and market share.

IAB Programmatic Revenue Report 2014 Results

This joint IAB and PwC report offers a thorough study looking at defining what exactly the programmatic ecosystem is and how financially expansive the industry currently is in relation to the traditional advertising market. The report itself aims to nail down the massive financial growth the industry is currently going through and how it will continue to develop in the future.