Oraki breaks into EMEA’s fastest growing media markets

Contributor, June 5, 2014

We’re thrilled to share with you news about our expanding global footprint.

At Oraki we’re rapidly expanding our market reach in EMEA, in particular in Eastern and South Eastern Europe. We’ve been deploying digital advertising solutions in leading media organizations in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Romania and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Along the way we built monetization and inventory management solutions for our customers based on Google DoubleClick and Google AdSense, and market leading RTB platforms of; Google, Appnexus and Facebook. We formed a new product development unit specializing in business intelligence solutions and established a professional services unit.

These market and product expansion steps represent a shift in our corporate focus. Over two years ago we identified strong growth opportunities in Europe’s emerging economies. We decided to capitalize on our advertising industry knowledge and technology expertise to create a high-growth service and solutions package.

Once we aligned our resources more strategically to the industry’s needs, the time was ripe for building a  global presence in emerging European markets. No longer just the largest reseller of Google DoubleClick in EMEA, we grew to supply multi-platform publisher and advertiser solutions, spearheaded by our new CEO, Ms. Sivan Tafla.

To step up our sales and marketing, we appointed  a global sales and marketing director – Nino Shaptoshvili, who rapidly mobilized a multi-lingual sales team with experience and expertise in these emerging regions. Soon we advanced to secure partnerships with major Eastern European media corporations specializing in news, classified and e-commerce. In Russia alone, the largest and fastest growing media market, we signed agreements with the top news and classified sites. We launched a new rebranded website with a particular focus on consulting, inventory and ad campaign management solutions.

Overall, we have been witnessing how these changes have been helping our global  publisher  and advertising partners realize new and highly lucrative digital revenue sources. We look forward to continuing to help our partners reach rapid returns and keep you posted on new revenue making opportunities.