9 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google Tag Manager for Your Website

Contributor, July 17, 2018

9 Reasons Why You Should Be Using Google Tag Manager for Your Website

If you currently use Google Analytics, without using Google Tag Manager, you most likely are encountering multiple challenges when it comes to managing a large number of tags, using development resources to customize Google Analytics, and debugging the changes on the HTML page.

Today, we would like to present to you nine reasons why using Google Tag Manager with Google Analytics will hugely benefit your company’s ability to alleviate the challenges, resources and changes you are facing.

  1. Full integration with Google Analytics The built-in tags in Google Tag Manager enable a full deployment of Google Analytics via Google Tag Manager.
  2. Central control of the tags – Without a tag management system, it is extremely difficult to manage and deploy multiple tags. Most websites today are using large number of tags (java snippets) from many vendors and the idea of a central repository for tags without having to touch the HTML code is very efficient from management and development point of views.  For one, it eliminates using precious engineering resources to code the pages and secondly, it facilitates the need for a central control and updates of the different versions of the tags.
  3. Built-in debugging capabilities Google Tag Manager includes debugging features that ensure that your tags will work correctly before publishing them into production.
  4. Quick turnaround to market The ability to deploy tags without complex code changes and the involvement of a development team speeds up considerably time to market. And allows the engineering teams time to focus on other projects.
  5. Version control Every time you publish a change, Google Tag Manager stores the new version as well as keeps the older versions.  This feature is very important as it allows you to roll back at any moment to a previous version in case there is a problem.
  6. Built-in tags Google Tag Manager includes a significant number of built-in tags for universal analytics, Adwords conversions, remarketing and much more.  For non-technical marketing teams, it is a big advantage that allows them to deploy tags in a very short time without the help of a development team.
  7. User permission management – It is very easy to set permissions for individual users and control who has the ability to make changes and create tags.
  8. Easy event tracking To create events without Google Tag Manager involves adding code to the web page.  GTM eliminates the need to code the page and speed up the deployment of event tracking
  9. Security – Google Tag Manager automatically scans all tags and pauses the container if it detects any malware.

For non-developers, Google Tag Manager is a huge benefit in managing and tracking tags for faster deployment and big savings in development resources.  The fact that it is free to use make it a no-brainer decision for most online businesses.

If you could benefit from professional buy-side or sell-side consulting or assistance with your Google Analytics account, or if you would like to learn more and how to create some shortcuts and using Google Tag Manager (GTM) to tackle all of the various scenarios we have outlined, feel free to contact us below.