10 Ways to Better Promote Your E-Commerce Website

Contributor, February 18, 2020

10 Ways to Better Promote Your E-Commerce Website

For E-Commerce websites considering how to better promote themselves and their online businesses, the online and offline options available are numerous.

We believe that one platform stands taller than the rest in its ability to combine powerful marketing tools to give online marketers the power to achieve their promotional and growth goals through programmatic advertising. That product is called Google Marketing Platform.

Google Marketing Platform (GMP) is the world’s most exceptional platform of unified advertising and analytics solutions to help plan, buy, measure, and optimize digital media and customer experiences in one place.

The platform includes unique products for handling all aspects of digital marketing at the highest level – Display and Video 360 (DV360), Campaign Manager (CM), and Search Ads 360 (SA360).

Specifically, for E-Commerce, modern marketers can hugely benefit from the toolbox of solutions to target and reach new customers with powerful advertising campaigns. The result is a platform that can amplify brand awareness and increase sales and revenue.

Today, we are going to address ten essential ways in which e-commerce websites can increase revenue by using Google Marketing Platform to build, promote and analyze digital ad campaigns to increase purchases, monthly revenue, and overall digital ROI for an e-commerce website.

Optimal Planning and Preparation

There is no doubt that e-commerce website owners are intimately familiar with all of the products featured on their website.

The big question is how to pair the right product to the right consumer at the right time.

In GMP, savvy marketers can design strategies and build campaigns to speak and reach the exact audiences that would be most interested in converting into buying customers.

Plan your Reach & Spend

    • When planning a campaign, it is essential to understand the concept of Unique Reach Forecasting. This feature allows you to see how many people your campaign can reach based on your budget.
    • Custom forecasts help you explore the relationship between your budget and inventory that matches your targeting. In DV360 and SA360, you can build a “Plan” within a campaign, forecast, and understand what goals and KPIs you can achieve.

Map your Webpage

    • Track the engagement users on the website, map your products, categories, and every step until the final conversion.
    • After mapping, you can add custom variables directly to DV360 or CM that you can use to build based on that audience list. Custom variables can take any values that you choose to pass to them.

Effectively Marketing Your Website and Products

E-commerce websites need to create awareness online to drive revenue. Through crafting clever advertising and strong calls-to-action, the goal of encouraging prospects to the site is optimized by smoothing the conversion path to purchasing goods.

With GMP, the entire process is immensely more manageable and effective.

While investing money and resources into advertising does not guarantee a return on investment, purchasing digital advertising on DV360 gives online merchants a dynamic toolbox of solutions to reach out and target and, subsequently, retarget the ideal customers for stimulating future purchases.

GMP provides the precise control needed to reach out to optimal consumers through repetition and the power to drive users directly to specific products for purchase.

Tell a Story with your Creatives

    • Show a sequence of creative messages to one person with DV360 or CM, you can easily, one at a time. Think of a story like a marketing funnel where you have control of the narrative.
    • 1st step: A sequence of videos, display creatives, or a mixture of both. A typical sequence starts with a video to drive awareness of your brand.
    • 2nd step: Show a display banner to encourage online or offline purchases, and so on.

Use Different Creative Formats 

    • Display, Video, Native, YouTube, and Gmail native ads are all formats that are available for purchase in DV360.
    • The ads can appear in either web or app environments on mobile and desktop devices.
    • Example: Native advertisements look and feel like part of the content of a publisher’s page or app.

Control the Frequency Cap of your Advertising

    • The most significant advantage of using one platform for several media sources is the ability to control the frequency cap.
    • Frequency caps allow you to take control over the number of times that one user sees the same ad and the same message.

Use Audience Lists 

    • Target users that have the highest potential to convert.
    • In DV360, there are different options for targeting audiences and also two types of custom list targeting: Custom Affinity & Custom Intent Audiences.
    • Custom Affinity segments target an audience by the media they consume online or by the products and services they’re most interested in purchasing.
    • Custom Intent Audiences allow you to use your keywords, URLs (websites), and apps to reach specific people as they are making a purchase decision related to your product or service.

Specify the Recency and Relevancy for your Remarketing Lists

    • When you target or exclude a first-party audience list, you can also more granularly configure your audience targeting based on how recently a cookie was added to your audience list. This concept is called Audience List Recency.
    • Example: If you have a pixel that corresponds to your advertiser’s homepage, and you want to target an ad to people who have visited the landing page in the past two days, you should target the “Landing page” list and set the list’s recency to “2 Days.”

Intelligently Analyze Your Results Like a Pro

If you’re interested in generating more revenue from your website, diving deep into the digital campaign analytics is an excellent place to become more active.

Online e-commerce marketers should be locked into campaign performance and be continually circling back to make reasonable and data-supported modifications to the campaigns to spark user responsiveness and potentially increased revenue through increased sales.

Notably, DV360 allows marketers to track campaigns and optimize them to boost ROI accurately.

Implement Measurement Tools

    • Track your sales revenue and transactions by using GMP to quickly understand the full income earned from ad spends, even from brand campaigns.
    • By using & implementing the Floodlight, you can track conversions, add users to remarketing lists, and pass information about sales transactions. These three Floodlight features track the number of sales made or the number of items purchased. Additionally, you can also capture the total value of each sale.

Analyze Everything about your Advertising and Targeting 

    • GMP contains a robust suite of reports that you can use to gain insights about your live campaigns and any future campaigns you plan.
    • Examples include: Reporting on the sites you targeted, the ad placements, the creatives, unique users, and unique cookies, cross-environment conversions, and keywords.

Attribution Models

    • Track and analyze the full user journey across all of your media channels.
    • With CM, you will be able to connect all media sources and explain the impressions and click attribution with the option to change the lookback window and compare different attribution models.
    • These dynamic reporting options will help you to see the full picture of your marketing plans, understand how and if all sources are an essential part of the conversion funnel.

In Closing

We hope that you found these ten essential ways in which e-commerce (B2C) websites can use the Google Marketing Platform to be helpful and informative. We believe that GMP is a critical tool for boosting a marketer’s ability to build, promote, and analyze digital campaigns to increase purchases, monthly revenue, and overall digital ROI website.

In addition to Google Marketing Platform, we can offer you products, solutions & services to further enrich your marketing activities. We do it all, and we do it well. We will do everything to put you in the best situation to succeed with your digital marketing activities.

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